Dalip Singh Saund: His Life, His Legacy (2014)

Researcher, Script Editor, Asset Manager

Documentary directed by E. Samantha Cheng, produced in partnership with the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies and the US Capitol Historical Society

Dalip Singh Saund was the first Asian-American and the first Sikh elected to the US Congress. Yet despite his contributions to minorities in the US, the Punjab native is little known. “Dalip Singh Saund: His Life, His Legacy” documents how Saund overcame adversities to rise to the steps of Congress, told through oral histories, family photographs, and rare footage of Saund himself.

Komorebi: Mixed Identities (2014)


Produced by Jenny Chen, funded by the Washington DC Humanities and Arts Council

"Komorebi" is a multimedia project that explores the experiences of mixed race Asian-Americans in the Washington, DC area. The audio-visual portraits capture four individuals: dancer Dana Tai Soon Burgess, journalist Michelle Phipps Evans, singer Tara Trinity, and librarian Lealin Queen, as they grapple with their socially and historically racialized identities.


Folkscapes (2016)


Produced by Aria Danaparamita and Julius Thor Bjornson

"Folkscapes" is a documentation project by a photographer and a sound engineer. As we travel, our aim is to find and showcase the traditions, craft and creativity of people we encounter, presenting their stories through audio-visual portraiture. Through these features, as well as an accompanying blog, we hope to share localized narratives that impart each person or group’s devotion to their heritage and artistry.

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