Life After the Mud: Indonesia's Mudflow Disaster

Indonesia (2016)

Indonesia's longest, ongoing disaster began ten years ago, on 29 May 2006, when scalding mud and gas burst violently from the ground in a quiet field in Sidoarjo, East Java. The torrent flooded homes, rice paddies and factories. The mud engulfed 12 villages and displaced over 39,000 people, who spent most of the last decade in a protracted battle for compensation. (Published in Foreign Policy)

Weight Shouldered: Mining Sulphur on Mount Ijen

Indonesia (2014)

Beneath the volcano's haze on this eastern Java tourist site are workers who risk the treacherous climb into the crater to haul sulphur. The meager pay is higher than working in construction in the cities. But many suffer from chronic injuries as their lungs wither in the toxic fumes. (Published in National Geographic Traveler Indonesia)

Kingdom's Queens: Phnom Penh's Drag Divas

Cambodia (2014)

Gaga Rainbow took her stage name from her idol, Lady Gaga. Like many fellow performers, she moved to Cambodia's capital from the countryside, away from those who shun their queerness. Now, running the stages at Phnom Penh's queer bars, her only concern is to shine. (Published in The Cambodia Daily)

Imperiled Earth: Cambodia's Indigenous and Climate Change

Cambodia (2015)

Far from the spotlight of the Paris Climate Conference are hilltribes in Cambodia's Ratanakkiri province, who has long relied on forests and rotational farming to survive. But land concessions, deforestation, and development are taking away their resources and ability to adapt to climate change. (Published in The Cambodia Daily)

Slipping Through Cracks: Inside the White Building

Cambodia (2014)

Once an icon of Phnom Penh's modernist vision, this apartment stands dilapidated and increasingly structurally unsound, leading to a recent controversy when the city thought to demolish itand displace some 600 families who call the building home.

Ancestral Return: Pchum Ben Festival

(Cambodia, 2014)

Pchum Ben is an annual Buddhist festival celebrated in Cambodia, a time when the spirits of ancestors are believed to return to earth. Families get together and frequent pagodas across the country, like this one atop a hill in Sihanoukville, to pray and provide offerings for the "hungry ghosts."

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